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Chief Innovation Officer and a Co-Founder

Dan is the Chief Innovation Officer and a Co-Founder of Render and Pilot R&D.  He couples his culinary skill and creativity with a deep understanding of the science of food to serve as the driving force of inspiration for many of Render’s products. Dan is able to navigate beyond conventional approaches to food development to create unique products and processes. Having developed several culinary techniques that now permeate the top restaurants in the world, Dan has developed expertise in optimizing efficiency and mining waste streams for valuable resources that can be converted into new sources of revenue. He also applies similar foresight to Render, Pilot’s consumer-facing brand that was launched in 2017. With Render, he collaborates with top chefs to develop novel new food and beverage products that bring a taste of their restaurants to a much wider audience.

Dan started cooking when he was 18, while earning his undergraduate degree in Cultural Anthropology, with a specific focus on food and cooking. After college Dan worked his way up in a number of kitchens before taking a position at Momofuku Noodle Bar, before moving to the Michelin two-starred Ko, and finally the newly created Momofuku Lab. Dan headed up research and development for Momofuku from 2011-2014. During his tenure overseeing the Momofuku Lab, Dan collaborated with numerous scientists and academics from esteemed universities such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, NYU, UC Davis, and UCLA, as well as with the research and development team of Michelin two-starred Noma. While at the Momofuku Lab, Dan spearheaded the development of Momofuku's innovative product line of fermented sauces and seasonings called Hozon and Bonji, respectively, which have been featured on menus by some of the best chefs in the country. After leaving the Momofuku organization, Dan worked as the R&D Consultant for Michelin three-starred Saison.