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Jenn is the Relationship Manager of Render and Pilot R&D. Jenn works closely with our ingredient suppliers, logistics partners, and packaging partners to make sure shelves and kitchens are stocked with Render products. Jenn believes all food tells a story, and Jenn is proud to be a part of Render’s story to redefine what’s possible in packaged foods.

Jenn believes our food choices are extraordinarily powerful because of the interconnectedness of our food system. From farms to Fortune 100 companies, Jenn has experienced many parts of our food system. She began working on farms to learn where our food comes from. She worked in grocery at Green BEAN Delivery, the largest home grocery delivery service in the Midwest, where she drove B2B business. Jenn built economic incentives and educational tools to enable and encourage client employee behavior change (and lower insurance costs, to boot!). Later, at Google with Bon Appétite, Jenn worked on how small nudges can result in big behavior change, specifically looking at how food can be used to increase employee creativity in the workplace.

At Davidson College, Jenn made her own major in Food and Environmental Studies, an economic and political look at the forces that create our food system. She also holds a Masters in Food Culture and Communications from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Bra, Italy where she studied the critical role food plays in building culture and identity.