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Timothy is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Render. He works closely with retailers, brokers & distributors to drive fresh ideas into the grocery market and bring bold, innovative products to everyday people. Timothy has an avid appetite for food and high-quality products that disrupt the status quo, go far beyond consumer expectations and enhance one's quality of life. He believes great food is the difference maker in life and is excited to join Render and help shape the future of food.

Since spending part of his childhood in the Rhine Valley of Germany, Timothy has had a keen taste for diverse and unique flavor profiles. He spent time in the restaurant industry in Georgia before moving to Colorado and starting a natural foods company with his friends. He was a primary partner in spreading Hope Hummus across the country, leading the team into new territories (including Canada) and spreading a passion for how to make good food, great. Timothy’s passion for food expands into his home and his lifestyle as he enjoys sharing meals with close friends, hosting dinner parties, and planning travel around great restaurants around the globe.