From Chef to Shelf

World Class Chefs

Never before have restaurant chefs from around the country contributed their product ideas and creativity to a single brand.

Enjoy At Home

We make only nutrient-rich, sustainable food and beverages with people you trust—celebrated restaurant chefs.  Every package tells the story behind the food and the people who created it. 

Why Render?

Great restaurants are where we go to be inspired and surprised by food. The chefs of these restaurants are the creative driving forces behind our most memorable food experiences. In pushing themselves each night to evolve their cuisine and create new dishes for us, these chefs act as our culinary sherpas helping us to try new things and broaden our perspectives.  

We created Render to tap into this wellspring of culinary talent and collaborate with these chefs to bring a bit of that inspiration and surprise out of the restaurant and onto the shelf. We work with these chefs to take ideas that were born in their restaurants and transform them into great food you can buy and enjoy in your home.

What's In The Name?

We chose to name the brand Render because it has both culinary and artistic meaning. One of its definitions is "cause to be or become; make."  Another is to "provide or give."  At Render, we seek to make distinctive, incredible food by collaborating with the most talented restaurant chefs from around the country.​ Hospitality is at the core of all restaurants, so at Render we seek to provide great food to more people by rendering the ideas of brilliant restaurant chefs into food you can have anywhere.

Who are Render's Chef Collaborators?

We collaborate with acclaimed, award-winning chefs who are the culinary geniuses and trendsetters making the food worth waiting in an around-the-block line to taste.  These are the culinary icons you stalk on Instagram and read about in food magazines. These are the people setting the bar, clearing the bar and lighting the bar on fire. We have worked alongside these chefs in the fire of service, and are excited to package their genius and share it with the world through Render. 


A mixture of seeds with puffed quinoa and seasonings comes in small pieces to use as toppings for salads, yogurt, eggs, pasta or anything that needs some crunch. It goes without saying that the cook is likely to succumb to snacking along the way.

In the same vein, a new Healdsburg company called Render, backed by chefs and veterans of some of the country’s best restaurants, believes that every chef has at least one great idea for a mass-market product.